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As Reported to Angie’s List:

Report Date: December 30, 2012

Description Of Work: We are currently planning to use Morello contracting for a whole house renovation. New bathrooms, kitchen, new finished basement, new windows etc.  We looked at several contractors. Morello was actually the most expensive, however, they were the most professional and detail oriented of all contractors we looked at. Steve Morello is a true professional and has been up front, punctual, and incredibly responsive throughout this entire bidding process. Due to Hurricane Sandy, they are working 7 days a week, but have managed incredibly well so far. We are near finalizing this whole house renovation estimate and we look forward to working with Steve and his team. Despite the price being higher, I feel as though its the most accurate and most detailed. We're looking forward to the job starting. 

Member Comments: 
Will follow up when the job is complete.

 We are pretty far along on the job. My wife and I could not be  happier with Morello contracting. Steve in particular has been  incredibly responsive and detail oriented throughout the entire build  out. I am sorry that other members feel otherwise, but I can attest to  the fact that they are working 7 days a week, non stop due to the  hurricane aftermath. You can be sure that if you are involved in a  project with them, you will get undivided attention.  There have been instances where I had other contractors come in to work along side  Steve and his crew. On a few occasions, his crew was nice enough to  alert me when the other contractors were not doing things correctly. In  particular, my siding contractor was not taping the seams of the windows and not correctly wrapping the house before laying the siding on top. I got a call from Steve right away and i was able to nip the problem in  the butt before the job completed.  Morello is a true professional contracting company. So you will pay a little more, it may  take a little longer, but you will certainly get what you pay for. If  you are on Long Island, and looking to do a whole house renovation from  soup to nuts, hire Morello and take the stress off.  

The job is now complete. I don't have much more to add to this review. If you can land Morello contracting for your job, you will be very happy. I've worked with many contractors before, and I can tell you Steve and his crew are the best I've ever worked with. When the job was complete, we noticed we had a little plumbing back up. Steve came the next day, on a saturday (his day off) and met the sewer guy to take care of the main sewer backup. This is the type of service you will get if you use thiis company. The pictures wont do it justice. 

If you need further information, or even want to come see the work, just ask Steve to put you in touch with us. We will be glad to show it off.  Good luck!

Report Date: October 2, 2011
Company Name: 
Morello Contracting Inc. 
Work Completed Date:
July 22, 2011
Hire Again:  Yes
Approximate Cost: 
Description Of Work: 
Morello Contracting recently completed a full dormer on my ranch home.  Because of the amazing work they did in remodeling my kitchen in 2007, my husband and I knew we wanted them to come back to build our dormer.  We couldn't be happier with their work!  The job included adding four bedrooms, two baths and a 2nd floor laundry room to our existing ranch home.  At every step of the way, from demolition to completion, each crew arrived on time every day they were scheduled and were friendly, respectful and professional.  They resolved several unforseen 'bumps' along the way quickly and efficiently and kept things on schedule.  In addition, having my three young children in and around the jobsite on a day-to-day basis, it was refreshing that each and every worker was patient and  understanding during the course of the job.  It is a pleasure to do business with Steve Morello.  He coordinates all aspects of the job fantastically, is on the jobsite every day overseeing each step and is 100% responsive to phone calls and any questions or concerns at every stage of the job.  As far as we are concerned, Steve went above and beyond that expected of a typical contractor and we would be thrilled to have him do any other jobs in our home in the future.

Report Date: August 06, 2011

Company Name:  Morello Contracting Inc

Categories:   Remodeling - General ... Kitchen & Bathroom.

Work Completed Date:  January 04, 2010

Hire Again:   Yes

Approximate Cost:  $90,000.00

Description Of Work:  Morello Contracting removed an original kitchen dating back to the 1930's. He removed two walls to give us a beautiful open concept kitchen and dining room combo. The project was completed on time. His staff was punctual, pleasant, and showed a real desire to practice their craft.

Member Comments: 

Everything went smoothly. From day one when Mr. Morello arrived on time to view the space and review the project he gave us the confidence that he was a no nonsense contractor. He did not over promise nor did he under deliver.


Report Date: June 09, 2011

Company Name:  Morello Contracting Inc

Categories:  Ceramic Tile

 Work Completed Date:  April 25, 2011

 Hire Again:  Yes

Approximate Cost:  $20,000.00

Home Build Year: 1967

Description Of Work: 

Steve and his team fully gutted and renovated our master bathroom. 

Member Comments: 

We have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about Steve and his team.  They proved to be true professionals who are responsive, punctual and most of all do top quality work.  At the time of the initial estimate, Steve was very attentive to all of our needs and was quick to offer solutions that he felt would meet those needs.  The old school approach of listening to the customer and providing solutions to meet their needs is the way Steve does business.  It was refreshing to not have to endure another sales pitch.  Throughout the ordering of all materials, Steve was very responsive to all of our inquiries and even went so far as to meet us at the various retailers we purchased items from to provide guidance and suggestions.  When the work was performed, Steve's team did a tremendous job of minimizing the amount of dust involved, worked quickly and kept us abreast of their progress.  They even went so far as to coming back to tend to minor details such as the water pressure in the shower not being adequate, which they promptly fixed.  They went above and beyond in all facets of the project.  We will undoubtedly be using them again....


As Reported to Findapro.com


He's a winner and we have been successful with him

Through the numerous jobs on our home over the past few years, the references we contacted prior to hiring Morello Contracting have all been right on target. Steve communicates very well and take care of problems immediately if not before they occur. I have recommended him and my wife, an interior designer, has also recommended them. The crew is on time and does good quality work. The largest and first job they completed for me involved a reconstruction of the garage and some foundation work. There are have been smaller home improvement jobs over the last 4 years, too. They just built us a deck for example. You will have the same successful outcome on your house if you hire Morello Contracting.

Bill from Merrick, NY

Reviewed August 25, 2011


A trustworthy, great guy

We first hired Steve based on his reputation in the area and have been very happy with him and his company ever since. In 2000, he renovated two bathrooms eventually leading us to having him back for many other jobs. In 2003, Morello Contracting took on a larger project that included renovating the kitchen, bumping out the house, and breaking into the foundation to create an office below the kitchen. Steve is a trustworthy, good guy with a great crew that can also be trusted. They were able to completely renovate and update my in-laws new home that had not been touched for decades without any problems. I have and will continue to recommend them.

Frank from West Hempstead, NY 

Reviewed August 23, 2011


Happy to recommend

Morello Contracting put an addition on our house and it was such a good experience I still call them today for any work around the house. The workers are great, reliable, and came to fix any slight detail quickly.

Diane from 

Rockville Centre, NY 

Reviewed August 22, 2011


Excellent Contractor

We were fortunate enough to find Steve Morello over 10 years ago in our old house to renovate the kitchen. Since then, he has done extensive renovations to our current residence with a two story extension. We recommend him highly enough to send him to family. He is responsive and we have absolutely no complaints!

Maureen from Rockville Centre, NY 

Reviewed August 19, 2011


We love them!

Steve and Morello Contracting renovated three bathrooms for us, including two at the same time since they were sharing a wall. The third bathroom involved moving walls and Steve's expertise in designing the room properly to fit a whirlpool. We were so impressed that when we planned to do more work we called them immediately. Dealing with Steve was an absolute pleasure. He is honest and there were never any surprises. Even when he did the little extra things there were never any add on's with pricing. He was very easy to talk to and getting him on the phone was never any problem. I highly recommend Morello Contracting and I'm glad to spread the word about someone who is not just your "typical contractor."

Shana from 

West Hempstead, NY 

Reviewed August 19, 2011



Excellent Contractor

Over the past 10 years, Morello Contracting has done a ton of jobs for me. They built me a custom kitchen and renovated two bathrooms inside the house. The exterior of my house was also renovated by Morello, with new roofing and siding. I was impressed with how personable of a company they are. They came highly recommended to me and I continue to recommend them as well.

Owen from Massapequa, NY


Reviewed August 18, 2011

As Reported By The Diocese of Rockville Centre:

Eric Anderson 

Eric hired you as a General Contractor in 2002

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

“Ron has provided great service and has always strove to offer value by providing workable alternate concepts that meet the clients needs. His company is cost conscious, and always provides excellent work with great value.” July 5, 2010


Tom DeFrancisci 

Tom hired you as a General Contractor in 2003 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“Ron is easy to work with. He will take the time to understand what is required beyond just what was asked for. He will then help to develop a course of action. His work is first rate and his prices are good.” January 18, 2011
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